Reliable Personal Income Tax Preparation Services

At Blasetti Broyles LLP, we know how stressful taxes can be, between gathering all the necessary documents, keeping up with the ever-changing federal and provincial legislation, and keeping track of deadlines. Although we’re known for servicing corporate clients in the Calgary area and beyond, we also offer professional tax preparation services and personalized, detailed guidance to individuals and couples.

Our Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) have over 75 years of combined public practice experience and detailed knowledge of current Canada Revenue Agency requirements as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan and other provinces. With expertise and commitment to prompt, professional, personal service, we ensure your personal tax returns are completed accurately, filed on time, and you receive every deduction you deserve within the bounds of the Income Tax Act.

In addition to preparing tax returns, we offer you clear answers to all of your challenging tax questions and comprehensive financial solutions. We support you should you receive a CRA review or audit, representing you in person if necessary and preparing all requested documents. In all we do, we maintain the highest ethical and professional standard and handle your private information with the utmost discretion, so you can rest easy knowing your finances are in good hands.

How We Can Assist

Each year, we help individual citizens complete their annual federal and provincial tax returns, as required by law; this includes citizens who live outside Canada. All the you need to do is assemble your personal tax documents, such as:

  • Employment T slips
  • Investment slips
  • Rental and business income
  • Employment expenses
  • Medical, donation, and RRSP contribution receipts
  • Tuition slip
  • Student loan interest
  • Proof of dependents

Our Personal Tax Services

We untangle and process the information in these documents, then use our thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the Tax Act to find the maximum number of applicable deductions and credits. We prepare all documents with a keen eye for detail and accuracy, and we make sure returns are filed properly and on time.

In addition to personal tax return preparation, the services we offer to individuals and couples include:

  • Tax advisory, planning and consultation for individuals and couples
  • Other related deductions and other related credits
  • Calculating capital gains and losses
  • Pension deductions and dispersals
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Financial planning and consultation
  • And MUCH more…

US Personal Tax Returns

At Blasetti Broyles LLP we have a tax advisor that is able to consult on US and other related international tax matters. We do not prepare personal US income tax returns or other foreign country tax returns. We have a professional network of individuals who can prepare your US tax or other foreign country returns. We provide professional services to international clients who have assets, pensions, property or capital property in Canada and Canadian clients who have foreign ownership in investments, pensions, property, and other capital property.

All in all, we want our clients to save more, have stress less, and find the financial strategies that work best for them. We appreciate that everyone’s financial situation is different and we pride ourselves on crafting customized solutions for every client.

Need help with your individual tax return? Give us a call, we’re in Calgary Alberta 403-277-0511 or email us at No matter where you are, we are happy the help!