Agricultural Financial Reporting Services

No one becomes a rancher or a farmer for the paperwork.

People do these jobs simply because they love working the land and enjoy spending long days outside instead of being stuck in an office every day. Whether you raise livestock or grow wheat or barley, you’re an important part of Canada’s economy.

Unfortunately, it does feel like working in the fields or with cattle does demand more paperwork every year and the need to keep track of so many big and little details.

That’s where we come in! Blasetti Broyles LLP is proud to offer a variety of useful professional agricultural accounting services.

Rather than a general accounting team with general knowledge of Canadian business, the Chartered Professional Accountants and other team members at Blasetti Broyles LLP bring extensive experience working with ranchers, farmers and similar professional agricultural professionals.

That means, along with being able to discuss cattle and canola, we’re familiar with the unique financial challenges, accounting and tax needs facing you and your peers, everything from the required schedules for reporting to creating smart strategies to deal with future growth; and ultimately planning for your retirement, succession or similar longer-term objectives.

Certainly, telling a farmer they should try hard to look several seasons ahead could earn a good laugh since there are so many known and unknown factors that affect each harvest. But at the same time, we can assist in providing support along with help in identifying the activities and resources you need to meet your financial and non-financial goals.

It’s true people have been farming and ranching successfully for thousands of years, but those in the present-day industry now have access to all sorts of data and support which can make a big difference in overall economic stability.

Some of our services for our agricultural/ranching clients include:

  • Analyzing your farm or ranch to create accurate individualized Canada Revenue Agency reports to help you make smarter decisions. 
  • Providing general support for your business’s overall needs.
  • General strategic planning and consultation services, from beef to flax.
  • Forecasting future cash flow and budget needs or opportunities 
  • Financial and non-financial planning

Because we have years of experience helping businesses in Calgary and beyond with their financial needs, we’re familiar with Canadian tax codes and current CRA requirements, including review and audit protocol, the correct tax forms and any required reporting.

We also take the time to stay updated on the rules and regulations which can affect our clients. This makes sure we always provide accurate and reliable information. 

We’ll always promptly take your call, answer email or meet you in person if you’re in the Calgary area. Please come by our office to get your questions answered in person.   

Whether you’re a family-owned operation, part of a corporation, a Hutterite Colony, or an individual, Blasetti Broyles Bloxham LLP is happy to assist in helping you with the paperwork parts so you can focus on what you love: getting outside and working the land.     

We are proficient at preparing Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) informational reporting requirements for the following forms:

  • Agriculture program reports and remittances
  • GST reports and remittances
  • Payroll remittances and forms
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Personal income tax returns
  • T slips reports (T3, T4, T4A, T5, T5013, T5018)
  • Other government informational returns and reports
  • CRA review and audits
  • CRA Liaison
Additionally, we can provide bookkeeping services to our clients. Learn more about our bookkeeping services here.