Reliable Corporate, Partnership & Small Business Compliance and Tax Services

Running a business can be as stressful as it is rewarding, and tax and reporting requirements in their ever-changing complexity can add to that stress. On top of that, every industry presents its own unique challenges, which renders a one-plan-fits-all approach to taxes ineffective. With over 75 years of combined professional experience and a wealth of knowledge at our disposal, Blasetti Broyles LLP’s Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are here to help small business and corporate clients navigate through tax season with ease.

In addition to our corporate tax preparation services, we offer a full range of tax planning and financial services to Canadian businesses. We serve professionals throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Our clients come in all sizes and from a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, education, manufacturing, medical, professional corporations, retail, and service. Our accountants understand the ins and outs of each industry, enabling us to provide the most relevant guidance and work with clients to come up with customized financial solutions.

We stay up-to-date on our knowledge of the Income Tax Act, Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements and regulations, and all other relevant federal and provincial legislation, so corporations and small businesses can rely on us. Clients can also count on us to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards, to hold their private information in confidence and to provide the conscientious, careful, customized service they deserve.

How We Can Assist with Business Compliance and Taxes

We prepare and file corporate income tax returns for businesses and professionals, and take care of any tax-related paperwork needed to keep clients in compliance with legal requirements throughout the year. When preparing business tax returns, we use our knowledge of the latest rules and regulations to determine the maximum number of applicable deductions and credits, saving money and time for our clients. We make sure all paperwork —tax returns included — is prepared accurately and filed properly and promptly.

Our Tax Compliance and Planning Services Include:

  • Corporate tax returns for a variety of different industries
  • Business tax advisory
  • Business planning and consultation
  • Tax planning and consultation
  • Financial planning and consultation
  • And MUCH more…
Additionally, we are proficient at meeting Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) informational reporting requirements for the following forms:
  • GST reports and remittances
  • Payroll remittances and forms
  • T slips reports
  • Government grants and program forms
  • Agricultural reports
  • Other government informational returns and reports
  • CRA review and audits
  • CRA liaison

We support all of clients in the event of a CRA review or audit, preparing any requested documents and representing in person if need be.

We believe in providing long-term, highly personalized service to Canadian businesses so they can grow and thrive without being dragged down by the stress of taxes. Though we provide different solutions for each client’s unique problems, our integrity and commitment to excellent service applies to all, and will never waver.

Need help filing your business, corporate or professional tax return? Give us a call at 403-277-0511 or email us at We’d be happy the help!